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Christopher Massur <cmassur@...>

Dear Richard,
as you at this point are certain that your H. LAZARUS left Liverpool, and
from your mentioning that Jewish merchants in Philadelphia helped him on
arrival it might be another option, before looking into German records to
look into English records. You probably already have searched the
online-records of the PRO (public record office) and might have noticed that
the name LAZARUS is mentioned countless times - with new varities like
Heiman and Hyams. But perhaps your ancestor had lived for some time in
Liverpool before leaving for the US. Therefore, you might want to check the
available records f.i. in the Merseyside Jewish Archives at Liverpool Record
Office, where he might have been a member?
He was said to have been 40 years old on arrival. This could mean that he
had a wife, children (already dead?) before leaving >from Europe? By checking
the archives in Hessen (Nieder-Olm?), online at
again plenty of LAZARUS are mentioned and for Rheinland Pfalz it might be
the same. I could not find online the mention of a record in Darmstadt?
As his wife seems to have been a desc. of a huguenote family, he married
outside his faith? But his relying on help >from Jewish merchants there is a
chance that he might be mentioned in a US Jewish congregation on his
arrival? Not really help, but food for some thought.
You mention that his first name was spelled wrong, well in the 1810s I would
not talk about spelling a name wrong. Spelling variaties were normal at the time.

Christopher Massur, CuraƧao

Subject: LAZARUS in Appenheim and Nieder-Olm
From: "Richard Welch" <>
There is a Hayum LAZARUS listed in a Nieder-Olm document, now in the State
Archives in Darmstadt, with the year 1779 following his name. Possibly a
birth record?

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