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Dear list members,
My great-grandfather Sally KADEN (before MEIER, *9th may 1904 in
Hannover, Germany) died between 1944 and 1945 in Auschwitz. But there
is no information about him either in the Yad Vashem database nor in
the old german "Gedenkbuch der Opfer des Nazionalsozialismus"

Does anybody have the new one and could look for me if there are any
information about Sally KADEN?

Also I'm interested if there is any information about Emma MEIER
(*1875 in Lage), Adolf MEIER (*3rd august1877 in Lage) or Salomon MEIER
(*29th june 1879 also in Lage) in this book.

Lots of thanks for every response! Friendly regards,

Tobias Mueller Landshut/Germany <>

Looking for: KADEN in Hannover, Naumburg (Saale) (Germany)
MEIER (MEYER) in Lage, Hannover, Hamburg (Germany)
Mozes DE VRIES in Winschoten (Holland) Fannie SALOMONS in Winschoten (Holland)

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