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Juergen Nitsche <JuNitsche@...>

I am preparing a new presentation of my exhibition about the
last deportation of Jews >from the district of Chemnitz to
Theresienstadt (Terezin) in February, 1945. The exhibition
was shown last year in Chemnitz and Zwickau, this year in
Plauen. Now it is planned to show it in Annaberg.
Among the deported were two men and one woman, belonged to
the former Jewish Community of Annaberg: Hans Jacob KAPLAN,
Max SCHMOLL and Klara BERGER n. WEIL. The survived and
returned to Annaberg. But I have not found information about
their life after 1945.

I am also trying to reconstruct the short history of the
Jewish community of Annaberg, especially the years after
1933. That`s why I am looking for biographic data about any
jewish families, lived for a longer time in the area of

The exhibition will be presendted in 4 months.
All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Chemnitz, Germany -

Researching: KAPLAN - Guben (Brandenburg), Chemnitz, Annaberg, Leipzig,
SCHMOLL - Pleschen (Posen), Annaberg, Leipzig,
BERGER/WEIL - Winterwald (Bohemia), Himmelsmuehle/Falkenbach),
CHANANGE - Annaberg, Hamburg, Guayaquil (Ecuador),
FLEISCHMANN - Annaberg, Leipzig, KARGER - Annaberg, Chemnitz, Berlin,
KATZMANN -Annaberg, JACOBY - Annaberg, LEISER - Annaberg, TUERK - Annaberg, Berlin

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