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Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

As one endowed with a similar name I feel entitled to butt in here.

Michael mentions the name "Avraham" as meaning "happy man." "Yitzhak"
is also of that breed--it derives >from "she laughs", which is what Sara
did when she was told she was pregnant at age 100. Can't blame her.

At least one source (utterly bereft of supporting evidence, but at least
they spoke up) states that the name LUSTIG (meaning jolly or merry or
funny) derives >from Yitzhak. Fair enough. The best alternative
explanation for LUSTIG and for FROEHLICH would be that the progenitor of
the line was a Spassmacher, a Tummler, a Marschallek--in short, a
merrymaker, a clown. The guy you hired to make the wedding a success.
The Catskills comedian, avant les Catskills. (Ever wonder why there are
Jews named Marshall?)

For those who think this is far-fetched, I can only refer you to the
1812 Jewish census of Gleiwitz, where my father and his people lived for
at least 2 centuries. 46 Jewish heads of household, including *two*
with occupation "merrymaker." One of them was named LICHTWITZ; and the
other one married a LACHMANN.

I am not making this up.

Roger Lustig [Jolly Roger] Princeton, NJ USA <>

...who used to do translations with a colleague named FROEHLICH..

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