German SIG #Germany "MEILLER" Surname? #germany

Scott L. <eurotrash123@...>

I recently came across my g-g-grandparents' marriage
certificate >from Attleboro, Mass. (mid 1880's). On the
certificate, my gg-grandfather's name, Otto GOLDSTEIN,
is spelled slightly differently as Otto GOLDSTONE. His
father is listed as Otto GOLDSTONE as well, and his
mother "Mary MEILLEO." As I know that my
gg-grandfather was a German Jew (possibly born in
Leipzig), I'm scratching my head a bit on his mother's
name. Has anyone ever heard of this surname? Is it
possible that her name was actually MEILLER, or
something related? After all, my gg-grandfather's last
name appeared under a different spelling as well. I
appreciate any of your thoughts! Regards,

Scott Leo Washington, DC

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