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Dear colleagues,
Does anybody out there have a copy of "Stammtafeln der von Liebmann
SCHWARZSCHILD in Frankfurt a. M. '(1555-1594)' abstammenden Familien"
by Dr Louis Neustadt (Frankfurt am Main: Dr. von Kumpf & Reis, 1886).
The copy at the municipal archives in Frankfurt disappeared 13 years
ago. The copy at the State Library in Berlin was destroyed in the war.
Neither the Library of Congress nor the British Library has a copy. I
would love to have a photocopy and would, of course, pay the costs. A
gedcom file covering the same territory (and more?!) would do too.

I am particularly interested in the descendants of Israel Aron
SCHWARZSCHILD (23 June 1803-1853) and his wife Bina HORWITZ (22 Jan
1803 Frankfurt - 31 Oct 1887 Frankfurt). She was the daughter of Zwi
Hirsch Horwitz, chief rabbi of Frankfurt am Main who died in 1817. Bina
was a child of his second wife, Taube LANDAU. Does anybody know who her
parents were? Isaac Aron and Bina SCHWARZSCHILD are reportedly the
ancestors of those SCHWARZSCHILDs who ran a bank in Frankfurt. The
HORWITZes are my family. In the records I found in the Frankfurt
archives the family name is indeed spelled with just one 'O'.

Thanks in advance for any help. Regards,

Simon Srebrny (>from London, living in Berlin) <>

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