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Hello GerSig,
I am new to the group. I have been doing genealogy for several years, and am
pretty good with American records and newer (novice?) to German records.
I live near Boston Massachusetts, USA, and speak only English.
I have identified great great, and great great great grandparents in Germany.
The names and towns I am interested in are:
HAMBERG (in America: HAMBURGER) Niedernberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria to USA
(Baltimore and New York) in 1840s and 1850s.
KAHN Gonnesweiler and nearby villages, Birkenfeld, Oldenburgh to USA (Evansville
Indiana and nearby) in 40s, 50s, and later.
GUMBERTS >from Rathsweiler and Essweiler, Rheinish Bavaria; also >from Weisenheim
am Berg, Palatinate; to USA (Evansville, Indiana) in 1830s, 1840s.

I look forward to learning >from this listserve. Thank you in advance. -Will

Willard P. Ogburn Newton Ctr., MA 02459

WELCOME TO GERSIG - Thanks for your "Intro". MODERATOR

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