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Is there an English version of the 1813 edict issued by the King of Bavaria?
This is the Bayerische Judenedikt which allowed Jews to own land burt also set
forth various restrictions on Jews and requiring that certain records be kept of

Actually, I have seen it referred to by different names: JudenMatrikel (which
actually seems to refer to records required by the edict); Das Bayerische Juden
Edikt 1813-1861; and, in English, the "Edict About the Conditions of the Jewish
Fellow-Believers in the Kingdom of Bavaria." It was issued June 10, 1813.
I have seen various names for this document, and many references to it, but never
the language of the document itself. An English version apparently existed on the
internet at one time, but that address ( was apparently
sold and reorganized for other purposes.
Any leads would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

-Will Ogburn Massachusetts USA

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