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Carlene Blumberg

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for 3 years. I
consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.
I live in Sydney, Australia.. My native language is English .and I do not speak
any other language. I consider myself intermediate in using a computer. My
experience in using the Internet is intermediate.
I have identified the names and birth and death dates of some of my
ancestors, who I believe came >from Germany, Poland and Latvia or Lithuania.

My primary research goals now are to find out more about my ancestors, and
to find older generations as well as any other family members I may have missed.
Below is a summary of some of the information I have that I believe to be

1. Koppel ROSENBERG was born 28 July 1794 in Schloppe, and died 28 November
1862. He married Rebecka. She was born in (a place that sounds like)
Leney, and died 29 March 1839.
The only child I know about of Koppel & Rebecka ROSENBERG is:

2. Wolf ROSENBERG (KOPPEL) who was born 31 October 1835, and died 17 July
1908 in Germany. He married (1) Clara Abt. 1868. She was born 24 July 1848
in Neustettin, Germany, and died 23 February 1884 in Jewish Hospital,
Berlin, Germany. He married (2) Selma or Selina, the younger sister of his
late wife, Bet. 1885 - 1886. She was born 13 November 1861 in Neustettin,
Germany, and died 18 December 1954 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Children of Wolf ROSENBERG and Clara are:
3. i. Regina ROSENBERG, b. 10 November 1870; d. Bet.
1900 - 1902.
4. ii. Carl ROSENBERG, b. 25 May 1872, Baerwalde, Germany,
d. 21 April 1933, Johannesburg, South Africa.
5. iii. Franz ROSENBERG, b. 8 July 1873.
6. iv. Max ROSENBERG, b. 12 February 1875.
7. v. Martin ROSENBERG, b. 16 January 1879.

Children of Wolf and Selma (or Selina) ROSENBERG are:
vi. Kurt ROSENBERG, b. 29 March 1887; d. By Suicide.
8.. vii. Klara ROSENBERG, b. 19 September 1890.

Thank you in anticpation for your kind assitance.

Sydney, Australia

The family names and towns that I am researching are:
ROSENBERG - Baerwalde, Pomerania to South Africa in about 1892.
COHN - Hamburg to South Africa sometime in the 1890's.
JACOBUS & KARK >from Schivelbein to Australia iin the 1930's.
BLUMBERG (formerly CHAIES) >from Zemil in Latvia or Lithuania to South Africa.
JACOBSON >from Lithuania to South Africa
SATILL >from Lithuania to South Africa
PHIEBIG >from Pomerania ? to Sao Paolo, Brazil in the 1930's.
Galicia, Poland to England and subsequently to South Africa.
LEVINSTEIN, LIVINGSTON/E >from Suvalk (now Suwalki) and Plag/Plock to Engand
and subsequently to South Africa

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