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I have read on <>, the
website of the French JGS Cercle de Genealogie Juive, a message that
could be of interest to Gersig subscribers. I have received permission from
the CGJ to post this announcement:

"The Berlin Jewish Museum holds some 400 Ahnentafeln (family trees
covering 4 generations, including up to the great-grandparents). These
were compiled around 1938 by members of the /Gesellschaft fuer juedische
Familienforschung/ (German Jewish genealogy society). Our organization
has the list of the authors who published data about their ancestors on
these charts.

If a personal research interest is documented, their given names, surnames
and often their places of residence can be requested at: "

The background information obtained shows that a group of volunteers has
agreed to screen requests >from genealogists who know relatives who lived
in Germany around 1938 and were interested in genealogy. Among the names
in the list there are also some Ahnentafeln of individuals having lived in
earlier periods. The final purpose is to give access to the Ahnentafel
without drowning the Berlin Jewish Museum under a flood of unrelated requests.

The "personal interest" can best be proven by the full name
and personal data of the possible author.

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