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In a family history that I am presently transcribing
from handwritten German, a distant cousin of my
mother’s, Heinrich (later, Henry) BERGMANN (1831,
Dittenheim – 1866, Aliwal North) is described. The
description contains the following : “Er muss eine
nicht nur gescheite, ja brillante Persönlichkeit
gewesen sein. So sehr, dass er eine Frau der jüdischen
Hocharistokratie heiraten konnte, eine geborene Schuster“.

The lucky bride was Charlotte Jenny SCHUSTER, born
25th Sept 1837, in Frankfurt-am-Main. Her parents were
Beer Lazarus SCHUSTER and Sara née BONN.

I would like to know:
1. More about this SCHUSTER family
2. When Charlotte died
3. Whether she re-married after Henry BERGMANN died,
and if so were there any children >from a second or
subsequent marriage.

Furthermore, I am curious to know why the writer of
the family history should have considered Henry’s
bride to have been part of the ’jüdischen

Any help with these matters will greatly assist my
research, and will be gratefully accepted.

Best wishes to all from,
Adam Yamey, London, UK <>

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