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Dan S. Frank <andsfg@...>

Dear fellow GerSIGers,

I am looking for more information about Sally, also Salli or Sali,
COHEN and his wife Malwine, (her maiden name was HORN) and their
children. The couple had two or three boys, and one daughter: Selma.

Sally was A son of Levi COHEN, Sally COHEN was born in Borken, Westphalia,
Dec. 1, 1868. His job was announced as Kultusbeamter.
Selma, their daughter was born in Cologne, Halderstrasse, Sept.
3,1903. She grew up in Augsburg. [Source of this data?]

Selma was deported >from Borken, where she moved to in 1939. She survived the
Riga-KZ. I suppose that Sally worked in a Synagogue in Cologne or nearby.

Does anybody know this family?

I would be happy if some one can help me to gather more information about them.

Will be glad to have your answers to my E-Mail address. Thanks in advance.

Dan Frank Afula Israel E-Mail:

Searching: KOENIGSTHAL, Bad-Carlshafen. Hessen;
FRANK, Velen; Borken-Weseke=85 and surroundings, North Rhine-Westphalia
Herne-Zodingen; North Rhine-Westphalia; Merzbach (Bayren);
COHEN, Coesfeld; Olfen. NR-Westphalia;
STERN, Sudheim; Lower-Saxony;
WERTHEIM, Bad-Carlshafen. Hessen;
KESSLER, Gissen. Hessen. Hagen/Iserlohn, North-Rhine Westphalia;
RHOTSCHILD, Sudheim; Lower-Saxony;
SUSSKIND, Luedenschid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Gissen, Hessen
Bergen op Zoom/Amsterdam Holland;
OPPENHEIMER, Uslar Lower Saxony, Witzenhusen & Frankfurt a/m Hessen, Berlin.

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