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Stephanie Weiner <laguna@...>

Hello GerSig,

I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for
10+ years. I consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish Genealogy
I live in rural California, USA. My native language is English.
I consider myself advanced in using a computer. My experience in using the
Internet is extensive.

My primary research goal as it relates to German Jewish research is to flesh out
new information regarding a branch of my family tree. A copy of a marriage
certificate for Hannah SOMMERS and Jerome C. SCHOEMANN [March 29, 1925] has led me
to this SIG. Jerome SCHOEMANN is the son of Abraham SCHOEMANN and Theresa

The 1900 census indicates that Abraham SCHOEMANN emigrated >from "Prussia" in 1866,
aged approximately 17 years [born abt 1849]. The same census indicates his wife
Theresa (nee THALHEIMER) born about 1850, immigrated >from "Bavaria" --
no date given. I would like to flesh out this information and learn more about the
immigration of these individuals, and how to locate antecedents in Germany.

I have found Abraham and Theresa and their children in the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
and 1930 U.S. censuses. I have found death dates for Abraham [Sept.30, 1916] and
Theresa [Jan. 18, 1936]in the NY Death Records.

In the 1930 U.S. census, I have located Jerome SCHOEMANN and his wife Hannah (nee
SOMMERS) and their daughter, Audrey, age 4. I welcome any suggestions as to how
to trace Audrey forward in time and determine if there are any living descendants.

Thanks for your patience in reading this lengthy post, and for any advice you
are able to give.

Stephanie Weiner San Diego, CA, USA <laguna@...>

WELCOME and thanks for your comprehensive INTRO message.
Let us know if it produces good results. MODERATOR

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