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Rich Robinson <richrobinson2005@...>

This is my first posting to this list. I am researching the life and
family background of Ismar J. PERITZ, who taught in the late 19th and
early 20th century at my alma mater, Syracuse University (Syracuse,
New York). I am not related to the PERITZ family, I am simply
researching his life.

According to Who Was Who in America, vol. 3, 1951-1960, he was born
in Breslau, Germany on January 8, 1863.

His parents were Adolph and Sarah PERITZ (her unmarried name is also
given, WIELUNER).

The entry relates that he was a student at the Friederichs and
Elisabeth gymnasia in Breslau, and came to America in 1883.

I would be grateful for anyone who has information or can recommend
sources to consult - on the family, and even on life in Breslau in
the period 1863-1883.

Unfortunately, the Ellis Island database does not contain information
before 1892, so could not trace his ship manifest in that way. I did
not find any PERITZ >from Breslau in the databases I consulted at

I am essentially a rank amateur, so not familiar with the best line
of approach to take, beyond looking at the databases here (also commercial gen.
site), and the Ellis Island database. Any help is welcome! Regards,

Rich Robinson, Daly City, (just south of San Francisco) California

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