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Cathy G. <cag3@...>

Dear gersig list,
I have the following information for my gg grandmother: Hedwig M. LICHTBLAU
(or other spelling) b. 1861 >from Breslau, Germany (or Ransern, now Redzin,
Poland). One of 13 children, I believe, she came to the US (NY) in 1875 with
her sister Agnes LICHTBLAU b. 1857 (found the passenger info on

My great aunt said that her parents may have been Johanna and Thomas.
Other related names are JOSCH and GROSHNAN or GROSSMAN, but I'm not sure how
from a commercial website I find her married by 1900 to Simon KROL, also from
Germany, and that all agrees with what I've been told.

I have already posted some of this info. on Jewishgen and have looked there
extensively. I also had a two week trial with a fee-based website and pretty much
did as much as I could do w.r.t. US records.

I've looked like crazy on but can't find her birth anywhere.
If she was Jewish and then was baptised, would her first name have changed?
I realize it may be Jadwiga, Hedwick, or Hedwiga. Also, if her father's name,
as far as I know (no records of it, just what I heard) was Thomas, is it likely
that it was really Tomas or Tomasz? Thanks!

Cathy Gruber Oakton Va USA

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