German SIG #Germany RE: PERITZ family from Breslau/midwife book, 1846-72 #germany

Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

As Roger Lustig notes, the midwife book in question can only contain a small
fraction of the births in Breslau during 1846-1872. The preceding set of
birth records on microfilm are central records & contain mention of several
midwives, even during the same year, and Breslau's Jewish population was not
decreasing during this time. The majority of my mother's ancestors >from this
period were >from Breslau; it may be a coincidence only, but this midwife
served the more devout of my relatives' families, while the births of the
more Reform-minded/assimilated family members of the same period are not to
be found there.

Irene Newhouse Kihei HI <>

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