German SIG #Germany INTRO- Just Joined GerSig after NY 2006 conference #germany

Harold Sterne <halsterne@...>

Dear List
After attending the convention in New York and going to the luncheon and the
session of GerSig I decided to join this group. My mother was born a CAHN
in Bielefeld, Germany. My father was born as STERN in Frankfurt a/m. His
father was born in Nagelsberg. My grandmother was born a BAUER in Ernsbach.
Early ancestors >from Nagelsberg moved to Peru, Indiana in the mid 1800's.

Harold E. Sterne (we added the "e" after moving to the US)
Sarasota, Florida

MOD NOTE: Welcome! Please post your NAMES and towns at the JGFF as suggested
in our "INTRO" letter to you which also urges you to search our archives
for those family names and town combinations. You should also post to
the Early American SIG. Good luck !

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