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Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

Daniel Kester's essay on his visit to Terezin could not have come at a
better time. In less than 3 weeks we leave for Berlin, Prague (and Terezin),
Mikulov, Brno, Lednice and Vienna, Hollabrunn, Kittsee and Mistelbach.

Thank you, Daniel, for your brilliant, informative, well-organized,
easy-to-follow summary of your trip to Terezin. I have printed it and shall
take it with me.

I would like to suggest you also send your posting to the Austria-Czech SIG
<> [Only SIG members can post messages to
a SIG list. Mr. Kester would have to be an Austriaczech SIG subscriber to post
his essay. I agree that it should be posted to that list. MODERATOR]

The purpose of our trip is to visit the cities and towns where my ancestors
came from, to walk the streets they lived on, to pray in the (remaining)
synagogues they worshipped in, to pay our respects at their graves (those
still standing) and to meet the descendants of my gggg grandfather I never
knew existed until I "found" them six months ago.

When we return, I hope I can be as eloquent as Daniel in summarizing the
interesting aspects of our trip that might benefit our SIG.

Sally Goodman Palm Springs (Los Angeles) Cal.

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