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Fritz Neubauer

Dear SIGers,

the former Bielefeld city archivist Monika Minninger has published
another title on a Jewish theme in the form of a brochure with many
illustrations. The title is:

Verlorener Raum: Geschichte der Bielefelder Synagoge
1905 - 1939 - 2005. Die Tafeln einer Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs
Bielefeld in Kooperation mit der J├╝dischen Kultusgemeinde, dem
Historischen Museum und der Volkshochschule Bielefeld. Bielefeld 2006
by Monika Minninger

(Translation: Lost space: history of the Bielefeld synagogue 1905 - 1939
- 2005. The pictures of an exhibition of the Bielefeld city archive in
cooperation with the Jewish Community, the Historical Museum and the
Bielefeld Adult Education Center).

The brochure is not on sale through the book trade, but can be ordered
through the City archive address:

for the price of 5 Euro.

I own the brochure since yesterday and can provide further information.

The following names appear in the publication:

Bertha BLUMENAU, maiden name WEISS, wife of Salomnon BLUMENAU (with photograph)
Salomon BLUMENAU, 1825-1904, cantor, preacher, teacher and writer (2 photographs)
Johanna BONNIN, maiden name STERN, born in 1828 in Joellenbeck, wife of
merchant and city councillor Meier BONNIN (with photograph)
Meier BONNIN, 1820-1899, merchant, iron trader, city councillor (with photograph)
Leon Leib BUKSBAUM, 1870-1934, photograph of cemetary stone
Felix COBLENZ, 1863-1924, rabbi (with photograph)
Kaethe FRIEDLAENDER, maiden name WISBRUN, 1903-1994), wedding 1933
(with wedding photograph)
Rudolf FRIEDLAENDER, wedding 1933 (with wedding photograph)
Gerda FRIEDEMANN, maiden name WALDECK, >from the 1930s (with photograph)
Siegfried FRIEDEMANN, cantor and teacher, >from the 1930s (2 photographs)
Leopold FROHSINN, teacher, preacher of the Bielefeld Jewish community,
in the 1940s (with photograph)
GANZ, 1813-1877, widow, owner of a food store (with portrait)
Helmur GRUENEWALD, 1923-2005, bar-mitzvah 1936 (with photograph)
Hermann HEILBRUNN, merchant (with photograph)
Michael HIRSCH, vice rabbi, around 1756 (with portrait)
Marcus JORDAN, owner of an umbrella factory (with portrait)
Wolf JOSEPH, head of the Jewish community around 1705
Moritz KATZENSTEIN, 1842-1907, head of the Jewish community (with photograph)
Hans Enoch KRONHEIM, 1885-1958, rabbi, (with wedding photograph)
Paul LOEWENTHAL, 1890-1944; ARCHITECT (with photograph)
Josefa METZ, 1871-1943, writer (with 2 photographs)
Wolfgang MEYER-MICHAEL, sculptor, in the 1930s
Heinrich PROSKAUER, 1869-1931, cantor, teacher (with photograph)
Joachim POSENER, treacher, cantor, 1843
Abraham ROSENTHAL, 1824-1919, kosher butcher (with photograph)
Lina STERN, mother of Gustav STERN (with photograph)
Philipp STERN, 1790-1874, trader in raw products (with portrait)
Julius VOOS, 1904-1944, Bielefeld and Muenster rabbi
Elise WISBRUN, maiden name WALLACH, born in Wiedenbr├╝ck, wife of Herz
WISBRUN (with photograph)
Herz WISBRUN, born 1817, merchant (with photograph).

With kind regards Fritz Neubauer, Bielefeld <>

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