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ajvlh <ajvlh@...>

Good evening Gersig members,
I have learned so much over the last several months >from reading all the
postings. I am here to once again ask for some assistance.

I am trying to find information on Raphael LEVY and his family. Spouse -
Bertha (HILB), Children - Edward, Hannah, Isaac (went by Jack once he came to
United States), Kate and Ruth.

I know they lived in HECHINGEN Germany before coming to the states and I
know they ended up in Denver Colorado.

I know Jack and Hannah owned and ran a group of Fashion stores in Denver.
I know they are into the arts.

There is a connection via Bertha to my HILB family, but I need more help in
finding that information. Any assistance would be aprpeciated. Thank you all.

Vicki Hilb Glendale Arizona USA <>

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