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I am trying to reconnect with the descendants of my
father's uncle, Isaak STERN. There's been no contact
between our branches of the family for over a century.

Isaak (born 11 Dec. 1839 Meerholz, Hessen-Nassau; died
16 Nov. 1895 Chemnitz, Sachsen; son of Moses STERN and
Lena ANSPACH) married Delphine ST. GOAR (born 16 Aug.
1842 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; died after July 1911).
They had onr son, Louis, born 8 March 1865 in Germany.

Louis came to the U.S. in the early 1900s. In April
1910, he lived in Chicago with his wife, Michigan-born
Isabelle SCHRAM and their one-year-old son, Richard S.
STERN. Over the next four decades, various sources
(censuses, city directories, newspapers) listed Louis
as a banker, a mortgage broker, or a real estate broker.
Louis died in Chicago in January 1957 and Isabelle died
in July 1958. They were buried by the Piser Funeral Home
in Chicago's Rosehill Cemetery. Louis's Chicago Tribune
obituary mentions son Richard and his wife ("Mr. and Mrs.
Richard STERN" of Wilmette, Illinois) and a granddaughter,
Trudy Jean.

Finding no living Richard STERN born in 1908 or early 1909,
I have been searching for one who died since 1957. The
Social Security Death Index lists, without a last
residence, a Richard Stern (14 Oct 1908-30 Dec. 1985)
who filed his original application for a Social Security
number in Illinois. Even if the SS5 confirms that he's the
"right" Richard, this may prove to be a slim lead, since
there's no clue to his place of death. (It could be Cook
County of course, and I will check there.) Richard is not
buried with his parents at Rosehill and Piser has no record
of arranging his funeral. No obituary for this Richard
appeared in the Chicago Tribune. (BTW, "my" Richard isn't
the younger RS who owns/owned a movie theatre in Wilmette.)
The Wilmette Public Library could not find information on
Richard and family in their Biography File of newspaper
clippings on local residents but they did find a Gertrude
Stern, Class of 1967, in the New Trier High School alumni
directory -- a possibility. Other possibilities that I'll
pursue if needed: Wilmette property records (I have
Richard's 1957 address, Cook County probate records. and
the Class of 1967 yearbook.

I have also connected with members of the ST. GOAR family
-- a very interesting family whose progenitor took the
surname when he moved >from St. Goar to Frankfurt am Main.
Several family members were in the publishing business in
Frankfurt. Among the works that bear the St. Goar imprint
is Alexander Dietz's _ Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden_,
published 1907, where the St. Goar family history is one
of those detailed. It's been interesting learning about
this family but the ST. GOAR cousins have also lost
contact with the STERNs I'm seeking.

Now I am turning to one of the best resources of all, the
JewishGen community, in hopes that someone recognizes this
family or can suggest additional sources.

Thanks very much. Renee

Renee Stern Steinig Dix Hills (Long Island), New York, USA

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