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Itzhak Epstein

Ele Toledot is a mid 20th Century typescript compilation in
German by the late Shlomo Ettinger of Frankfurt am Mein's Jewish
community's early genealogical records. Members of the Jewish Frankfurt
list have expressed interest in accessing the data which is
available in only a few places.

According to Frank J. Adler of Overland Park, Kansas, the original is
in Frankfurt's Institut fuer Stadtgeschichte, but portions of that
original typescript were later accidentally lost. A partial photocopy
is at the Central Archives in Jerusalem. A copy of the complete typescript
is at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. All three locations have more
recent vital statistics.

A few years ago I accessed a microfilm of Ele Toledot at the Leo Beck
Institute's current location (16th Street) in NYC. The copy quality
was good and printing was easy. I assume that the whole set is
available there on microfilm. When I first saw Ele Toledot in the
early 1990s at the LBI's former home at the townhouse in the East
70s, I photocopied pages >from the paper version.

It would be very nice if somebody would organize a transcription (in
German of course) of ET into a database system. Translating it may
come later. ET is a must for early FaM Jewish genealogy
researchers. When I mentioned ET to the late Paul Jacobi during a
brief phone conversation he disparaged its reliability, so I would
appreciate an impartial review by other experts.

Also -- somebody should contact Karen Franklin at the LBI (Yes, she
is being bcced on this post) about the possibility of providing
copies of the microfilm to other libraries. In this day and age (or
soon) it might not be too difficult to digitize ET and put it on the
Web. What would it cost?

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY <mailto:iegen@...>

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