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Dear Siggers and Genners,
About 2 years ago I was trying to trace 2 KOENIGSBUCH brothers >from Hamburg
who were on the Kindertransport.

They stated in 1948 that they had a relative in London called Kate Kuznitzky.
Further I found that she was born in Hamburg in 1899.

Last March I managed to locate one of the brothers who changed his name and
lives in Canada. A few days ago I made another discovery and established contact
with a lady in Germany who remembers that Kate and her husband Otto KUZNITZKY
lived in the 1960s in Wimbledon. They were somehow related to the VAN DER WALDE
family >from Hamburg.

I wonder whether anyone recalls this couple.
They escaped to England >from Germany in the 30s. Thanks.

Jacob Rosen Amman,Jordan <>

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