German SIG #Germany Re: Old German script (was INTRO: Researching JACOB ... ) #germany

Nicole Heymans <nheymans@...>

There was an interesting recent exchange involving Michael Bernet and
Roger Lustig (among many others); the subject was originally umlaut's
but there were also details on identifying i's, u's and n's in a
zigzag. Try looking up umlaut and/or Sutterlin in the discussion
group archives.

Also, if you are looking for specific names, try _writing_ them in
the old German script and looking at the result, rather than
attempting to decipher the script >from scratch. Then try to recognize
frequent words such as "aus", "ledig", "wohnhaft". Go over and over
the same page until words begin to appear.

Good luck, Nicole Heymans, Brussels, Belgium <nheymans@...>

Julian Reinheimer Northridge, California julianolgar@... wrote:

I also need help in translating handwritten (script) death
and birth records written in the early 1800's. I have tried using a number of
guides to old German script, and have not been able to decipher the records.
Thank you for any suggestions

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