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I have recently been contacted by a company that refers to itself
"Genealogische Nachforschungen & Erbenermittlungen."

In an e-mail they wrote:

"We found a strong hint that your family had lost particular art work
due to the Holocaust. Once we find such hints we try to search the
beneficiaries, offer them the contract and continue to work as soon as
they signed. This means: so far we have not located the art work.
We offer to search it and to do our best to get it back for your family."

I am very reluctant to sign the contract they sent to me as it commits
me and my descendants until 31 December 2010. In addition, they
wrote about expenses that can be deducted >from any assets they
find without specifying what those expenses can be
(my guess is: lawyer fees, finder fees, appraisal fees, etc.)

I am wondering if any other Gersiggers have been contacted by such
an agency and how the issue was settled. With many thanks.

Barbara Algaze Los Angeles, California Algaze@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Comments - either positive or negative - about specific
business operations can not be posted to this list. It would be interesting
to know about proven scams that target families of Holocaust victims. Is this
a trend? MOD 1

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