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Christopher Massur <cmassur@...>

Joyce Field JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition <> wrote:
.....[as part of a list of updates] "-Jewish Cemetery Berg Altena in
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, probably one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries
in the "New World," has been added, containing 1,217 burial records." ===>

I was very happy to read the announcement on the German list, that the
buriels in the Jewish Cemetery Altena in Curaçao are now searchable. But it might
might be mistaken in stating that this is "probably one of the oldest Jewish
cemeteries in the "New World". Curaçao has 2 Jewish cemeteries. Altena is
the newer one, founded around 1860, while Beth Haim is the older one, the
oldest known buriel there being >from 1668.

When I tried to enter names for burials in Altena, first of all there is no
destination "Netherlands Antilles" yet and secondly, when I entered names of
deceased I am sure are buried in Altena, I did not get any result. What am I
doing wrong? Is there a way to see the whole list? Thanks for clarifying.

Christopher Massur, Curaçao <>

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