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Marion Hattenbach Bernstein

Dear GerSIG:

My father was one of the 150 teens who attended a non-Zionist
"hachshara-type" camp in Gross Breesen, which is the "Jewish school"
portrayed in this documentary. Thought there might be others who
would like to attend.

Marion Hattenbach Bernstein San Antonio, TX

"Stones >from the Soil" will be shown at DePaul University
next Tuesday, the 22nd of May at 12 PM. It will be in the Schmitt
Academic Center, 2320 N Kenmore, room 161. It is sponsored by the
Department of Art and Art History and will be open to the public.

"Stones >from the Soil," is the documentary on my father and the one
hundred and fifty other German Jewish teenagers who were educated,
sheltered and ultimately saved by a unique Jewish school in 1930s
Germany, The film continues to play on PBS throughout the country--it just

recently showed in Buffalo, Washington, DC, and Texas.

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