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Martin Fischer

I have posted two 19th Century birth records >from Kempen, Posen, Prussia,
that I would like to have translated into English. Most of it is in old
handwritten German, but each one has a small amount of Hebrew or Yiddish
that I would also like to have translated.

The first is the 1842 birth record of Vigdor KOBER. It is in three
overlapping images:

The second is the 1845 birth record of Maria KOBER. It is in two overlapping

I'm particularly curious to learn the relationship of the Kobers to Jacob
Dzialoszynski, whose name is mentioned in both documents.

Thanks very much for any help you might be able to provide.

Martin Fischer Oak Park, Illinois, USA

SHEYE/SHAYE in Kempen, Posen, Prussia.

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