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Ethan Starr <edstarr@...>

According to family trees compiled by my cousin Ted TOBIAS, the following
relatives of ours are or were in South Africa. If anyone has information
on them, I would appreciate hearing >from you.

from the BAER family >from Hamm an der Sieg:
Moritz BAER (born about 1860) & Thekla Unknown Frankfurt
Lilli BAER & Gustav NASSAU South Africa
Reinhardt NASSAU
Irma BAER & Otto BONWITT (d. 1933) (>from Frankfurt)
South Africa
Erika BONWITT & Unknown WOLF

also >from the BAER family >from Hamm an der Sieg:

Sofie LEOPOLD & Jakob LEVY (Urbach) Honnef
1875-1916 1875-1942
Erna LEVY (d. 1987) & Theo Simon (Karlstadt) S. Africa
Hilde LEVY (1908 - ???) & Unknown KELLY S. Africa
Sonja KELLY & David STEIN
Hedwig LEVY (1909-1985) & Kurt SCHWARZ S. Africa

from the ABRAHAM family >from Hamm an der Sieg:
Hertha HORN & Willi MEYER
Walter MEYER & Rosa - S. Africa
Jeanette MEYER
Hannelore MEYER & Arthur WOlF S. Africa
Paula WOLF
Maureen WOLF
Susan WOLF

from the Hirsch family >from Hamm an der Sieg:
Albert LEVY & Fraenze BUCKY Altenburg
1886-KZ -KZ
Lotte LEVY S. Africa
(Lotte had four other siblings not shown here)

Thank you very much for your assistance,

Ethan Starr Washington, DC <>

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