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Goran Persson <goranpersson1964@...>

Dear Friends on the austriaczech, gersig and jri-pl lists, Shalom!

My name is Goran Persson and I am living in Stockholm, Sweden. After a
break for couple of years in my searching I started again and found today
the mail list. I consider myself as a beginner at Jgen, but advanced in
using computer and internet.

I became a member on above 3 lists because my 2 questions combines the 3
countries (and maybe more).

1) My Grandmother, Tauba PAKMAN came to Austria, Vienna and gave birth to
my Father. He was placed in a childrens home in Vienna. In my search couple
of years ago, this childrens' home is not left. When he was 3-4 years old,
beginning of the 1930s he was adopted to Sweden.

On the adoption paper, its says Tauba PAKMAN, that's all we have, and they
were written in Sweden.

At Yad Vashem, couple of years ago, I found one Tauba PAKMAN >from Garwolin
in Poland born 1906, and another called Tania PAKMAN born 1915, also >from
Garwolin. These 2 could be the same person! Garwolin is a small city. Tania
Pakman, I also found, was one of the survivors in the Ausbau >from Berlin.
But I dont know if its the right PAKMAN, or if my grandmother left Austria.

I search all databases (according to my beginner's knowledge) all over and I
couldn't find Tauba PAKMAN. For some reason, I cannot find anything to
search over Austria. I know, ( I think I got the info >from Austria, but Im
not sure (6 years ago) that Tauba PAKMAN, came >from Poland to Austria, but
after that we don't know. We just know that she left my Father at a
childrens' home, when he was very young.

My questions regarding the above for Austria, Poland and Germany, that I would
appreciate 1000 times, please:

a) Any way of searching and where for childrens' home in Austria beginning
of the 1930s?
b) Any lists to search or authorities to contact regarding the search in
Austria, Germany and Poland, that is not on Jgen pages?
c) Any other super advice >from you at the lists?
2) My second question is regarding my father's uncle. He had a huge company
in Germany, that is still existing. According to my search, it is still
looking big ( I dont know), maybe when I will mention the name, our German
friends will know. Anyway, my father's uncle, was killed by the nazis (je
mashemo-May their names be erased). My Fathers uncle, was not married, no
children etc.

My questions regarding the above for Germany are:
a) Where and which authority in Germany can I call/write to get the info of
the owner of that company before the war (where it will say my Uncle's
b) Anyone of you, that has contact with lawyer or any other person that has
knowledge to help me in this?

Thank you all in advance, and may Hashem help you all in your important
search. All the best, Sincerley Yours

Goran Persson Stockholm, Sweden

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