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Beverley Davis

Although I have been doing Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and British genealogy
research for about 30 years, this is my first serious entry into Prussian
research. Unfortunately, my only language is English, but I live in hope!

I am interested in several families, direct ancestors of my husband,
who were born in Prussia and came to Australia in 1853 and 1857.

One of my husband's great-grandfathers arrived in Australia with his
brother or half-brother in 1857.They were born in about 1832 and 1837
in Samotschin/Szamocin, Prussia; family name SINA. I have full
details of their arrival and subsequent marriages (their wives were
first cousins, and were born in Australia in 1855 and 1858). The
1901 Will and Probate File of the younger brother mentions two
married sisters "of Germany", and living children of three married
sisters "of Germany" with unfortunately only their first names being listed.

A great-grandmother came to Australia in 1853, with her English
husband (whom she had married in New York, USA in 1852), and her
sister (who became the wife of the older SINA brother above). The
family name of the two sisters was HORWITZ. A brother had arrived in
Australia in 1842. Two of the siblings were born in Posen, Prussia,
and the younger sister was born in Bromberg, Prussia.

I have other information about these people, including names of
parents etc, but I did not want to overload this introductory
posting. I look forward to any advice fellow GerSig members may be
able to offer to help me find any clues to further research.

Beverley Davis beverleydavis@... Melbourne, Australia

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