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Jacques Feldheim

Good morning sirs,
I hope I succeed to write you in plain text (I'am a beginner ).
I received >from the kindness of mr Smiescszchala some information about my
family in Warendorf Westfalen.

My name is Jacques Feldheim born 1928 in Brussels Belgium (schaerbeek).

My father was Curt Carel ( aka Charles ) FELDHEIM born in Saventhem (
Belgium ) on 9.11.1886 and died on 28.01.1944 in Buchenwald ( Germany )

My grandfather was David Alexandre FELDHEIM ( aka Alex ) born in Warendorf
(Germany) on 12.01.1852 (or 1855) and died on 21.10.1933 in Saventhem ( Belgium )

My grandgrandfather was Gerson FELDHEIM born on 4.9.1811 in Warendorf
(Germany) and died after 1876 .

My grandgrandgrandfather was David Isaak (FELDHEIM) born on 21.6.1773 in
Stromberg (Germany).

I am interested on any information about my family in French or English
because unfortunately I have many difficulties with the German language.
I should prefer if you can reply by e'mail. Thanks in advance. Yours sincerly

Jacques Feldheim Brussels Belgium JGID 61506 Bruxelles jacques@...

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