German SIG #Germany INTRO- Berta KAPUSE (nee ZAUSMER), Danzig amber factory owner #germany

Joyaa Antares

Hello GerSig,

Here's my INTRO letter (a tad unimaginative in construct!)

I have just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for six
months. I consider myself to be a beginner in doing German Jewish Genealogy

I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is currently winter
here, and unusually cold at 16-20 C during the day, so please try hard to
feel sympathetic.

My native language is English (UK), and I also know English (Australian) and
English (US) - but neither as well as English (UK). I am sure that I learnt
French at school but that was a long time ago. My schoolboy Latin is also
rusty and you should not ask me anything in that language. I consider myself
advanced in using a computer, and a bragger for saying so.
My experience in using the Internet is intermediate.

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of the grandparents
(Charles Harry SCHORR and Anna ZAUSMER) relevant to my current research, and
of the relevant great-grandparents but not my great-great-grandparents.

My primary research goals are in relation to my ZAUSMER family tree. They are:
1. To track down Kurt HILLKOWITZ of Koln, or his descendants. Kurt was
certainly alive in 1982. I don't know his age or date of birth.

2. To learn anything I can about Berta KAPUSE (nee ZAUSMER), Danzig amber
factory owner, whom I believe to have been declared dead in Germany in May
1945. (I am already in contact with the Danzig SIG, and have been helped by
Logan Kleinwaks). Berta may have had a sister called Nechama ZAUSMER, who
probably lived in Germany, presumably in Koln.

The family names and towns that I am researching at this stage are:

ZAUSMER, ZOUSMER, CZAUSMER - certainly in Lithuania, Courland and Latvia,
but wherever in Germany thay may arise. ZUNDER - Germany Thank you,

Joyaa Antares Australia

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