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Bonnie Frederics <bfrederics@...>

A big "Thank You" to all who responded to my inquiry regarding the IOBA
Burial Society. My great-grandmother was buried in Washington Cemetery,
Brooklyn, NY in 1922, but we can't find any record of her death. I'm hoping
to find the burial society record to see if it might be of some help. Now I
have to find out where those records, if they exist, might be kept.

The IOBA stands for Independent Order Brith Abraham, for those who are
interested. Regards, Bonnie Frederics

from Ury Link Amsterdam Holland "Ury Link" <>
Dear genners, Mrs Bonnie Zeisler wrote:
"Would anybody know what the initials IOBA stand for? They are on my
great-grandmother's burial card listed as the burial society. I'm trying to
follow up on information they may have."

This is a sample of an incomplete question to the GerSig Forum.

She does not give any information on country or city where we can find the
answer. And what was the language of the document. Is the burial card from
the USA or a country in the old world ?

Looking into the search engine on the Internet learned me that it can be the
initials of: "International Order of Brith Abraham" If I am right it have to do with the
a Order of Benei Brith or another Masonic loge. in the USA. Best regards

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