German SIG #Germany Name adoption records in Kippenheim, Michelfeld and elsewhere in Baden - Vital information about Baden lists #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Recently name adoption lists >from Kippenheim and Michelfeld in Baden
were added to the AHB website of Wolfgang Fritzsche. The addition was
announced here.

Your Moderator has ancestors >from Michelfeld and >from towns
surrounding Kippenheim and reviewed those name adoption lists with
care. I noted some possible transcription mistakes and reported them
to the AHB.

In my related conversations with several Michelfeld and Kippenheim
experts I was reminded of two extremely important commentaries on the
Baden name adoption records that can be found in the GerSIG Archives.

In September, 2001, Ralph Baer provided extensive information about
name adoption records >from towns in Baden in two messages posted to
the GerSIG Forum. They can be found by searching the SIG Archives for
"Ralph and Baer and Baden" Included is the LDS FHL film number for
Baden name adoption lists:
" LDS (Mormon Family History Library) film # 1,335,359 "

Many thanks to all who have participated in the recent conversation on
this subject and to Ralph Baer for his superb essay of September 23,
2001. GerSIG members in the Washington DC area who read it will
surely want to attend Mr. Baer's lecture at the DC JGS this year.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC

Researching: SCHEUER - Michelfeld; WEIL, MAYER and GRUENSTEIN from
near Kippenheim (Emmendingen and Altdorf)

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