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Ralph Baer

Recently, Steve Hahn asked to have ViewMates #10441 and #10442 translated.
I did that and sent them to him. I could not understand one part of #10442
The father of the child was described as follows "Jacub Hahn (zwei und
dreisig Jahre alt) lese: neun und dreisig Jahre alt" [Jacub Hahn
(32 years old) read: 39 years old].
I am confused as to why two ages are given for Jacub Hahn.

Also, can anyone explain what the word "lese" signifies here?
I thought that perhaps this birth record was stating that something
else read that he was 39, not the 32 that he stated, but then the word
should have been "liest".

By the way, although the record clearly spells the given name
"Jacub", the signature reads "Jacob".

Ralph Baer Washington, DC ursusminor@...

MODERATOR NOTE: I have also encountered several such mysteries viewing
19th century vital records >from Germany. Comments >from experts
regarding such confusing entries will be appreciated and should be a
worth while addition to our archives. MOD 1

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