German SIG #Germany Re: Obtaining copies of old German birth, mar. and death records #germany


Rose North Schaumburg, IL rosiern1@... asked:
"Can someone tell me how to obtain the birth certificates of my parents?
They were both born in Koblenz. Their surnames were KIRCHHEIMER and
GOLDSCHMIDT. I would also like death certificates for my grandfather
GOLDSCHMIDT and g.grandfather SALIN. They died in Koblenz and Wurzburg.

See information >from the Koblenz Standesamt

which is in German.

Contact the Standesamt on standesamt@...
I am sure that they will explain the process in English.

I am sure that they will tell you what information you need to supply and
how you can pay.

Note that my answer is specific to Koblenz but searching on the town and
Standesamt will give the relevant information for any place.

Nick Landau London, UK

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