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Dorothee L- K <>

Dear Gersig readers,
As a member of the commission (Research On Jewish History In Hessen)
I was present at Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv for the public
introduction of the new site with 2.000 mazzewot online as yet.
The Hessian Minister for Science and Art personally took the trouble
to greet the audience.

For many years we have observed the progress of the project -
Dr. Heinemann, Ms Wiesner and others have spent about 15 years to
fully document some 17.000 tombstones in 75 cemeteries.
They are the oldest ones in Hessen.

I am desperately hoping that more of the photographs and data
can get online soon. The limiting factor has been the lack of financial
resources to pay for data input.

Of course almost 300 more cemeteries exist in Hessen alone.
Some of them can be viewed in part on

Dorothee Lottmann-Kaeseler Wiesbaden, Germany

MODERATOR NOTE: Ms. Lottmann-Kaeseler has been a hard working member of the
commission for Research On Jewish History In Hessen for many years. The
Jewish Cemetery Project (Hessen) is just one the Commission's many projects.

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