German SIG #Germany Possible BOF meeting Re: Hessen and other Jewish Cemetery databases #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

During the past weeks our list has carried notices and comments about the
Hessen Jewish Cemetery photos and data now available on the Internet via:
(See the user guide to this site that I posted last week.)

Since at least one of the cemeteries covered at this website contains
several graves of my father's ancestors I am very interested in the
ongoing effort to add photos and extracted data >from grave inscriptions
in Hessen to that website.

I am also interested in encouraging people in other locations to use
the excellent Hessen site as a model and in establishing contact
between JewishGen's JOBR project and the creators of the Hessen site.

I wish to know how many other GerSIG members would be interested in
attending a BOF (small special interest) group meeting on the topic of
Research in Hessen and Hessen-Nassau including the cemetery project
and website.

If you plan to attend the Conference and would like to attend such a
BOF meeting please write to John Lowens at

Thank you. John Lowens ( geb. Loewenstein ) Suburban NYC

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