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Steve Hahn <steve@...>

I am unable to complete the translation of the records below. I am interested
in receiving a transcription of the records in German as well as a translation
in English if possible. The first record (VM10639)
requires the interpretation of a symbol only. The second record (VM10639)
requires the filling in of some words I am not able to identify (see blank lines
in transcription and translation below). Thank you for any help you can give.

The death records:
VM10665: An unusual symbol (resembling a 'Br' or 'Lu'
and underlined twice) appears before the words, Jud
Loeb in the death record of Liebmann LOEB (d. 25
Vendémiaire Year XI, Wiesoppenheim).

VM10639: Death Record of Theresa (Rehse) LÖW, widow of
Michel GUMBERT (d. 1818, Eppelsheim, Germany)

If you are unable to use the ViewMate system please write to me privately
at <steve@...> and I will send an extracted German text with the
problem words indicated by ____.

Steve Hahn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA steve@...

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