BERKOWITZ Notary living in Paris 1891 #france

Rivka Schirman <capitetes@...>

Rue de Rochechouart used to be almost exclusively jewish (as the
majority of the 9 district of Paris) before the war. Now it is mainly
North African, as the name of the restaurant indicates. I could find
no such restaurant in the phone book in this address, and even if I
did, I doubt very much the owners would have known anything.

That said, the medals and band you mention may very well reveal
something. If he was granted French decorations - military or civil
- he'd be listed. As for the indications on the back of the photo -
are you sure the address and date on the back of it do not refer to
the photographer rather than to your relative ?

Anyway, what I suggest that you scan the photo (front and back) and
that you also take a "close-up" of the medals and upload it to
viewmate. I am sure I'll not be the only one to have a look so, all
in all, among al the suggestions you'll get, maybe you'll make a step
further :-)

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France

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Subject: BERKOWITZ Notary living in Paris 1891
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