Re: Antwerp Alien Registration #france

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

There is now a link on the Web pages of the FrenchSIG directly to this
excellent database. Scroll down to the entries for Belgium.

Rosanne Leeson
Paul Goodman wrote:

I would like to thank Evertjan Hannivoort for bringing to my attention
the Antwerp Alien Registers. I was able to find after searching for
nearly 10 years documentary proof that my Great Grandfather Emanuel
Goodman was living in Antwerp. Thereby confirming the stories handed
down about where he had 'disappeared' to. Thanks very much for
alerting me to these archives.

Paul Goodman
Folkestone Kent
Researching : GOODMAN Poland, London, Liverpool ZEFFERTT Kutno Poland,
London, Liverpool SIMONS Poland London JOSEPH The Netherlands, London

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