German SIG #Germany Re: Ostrowo (Ostrow Wielkopolski) records at YIVO #germany

Victoria Barkoff

On October 18, Geoff Kaiser inquired about the Ostrowo (Ostrow
Wielkopolski) records at YIVO in Manhattan.

I examined some of these records when visiting New York last year.
Geoff is right: they are a good source of information on Ostrowo, a
town for which few records are available elsewhere.

There are 10 linear feet of documents--sadly, crammed tightly into
large boxes--just waiting for an eager person (or team) with the time
and inclination to index them.

For anyone who is interested, I have a 26-page Word document from
YIVO, describing the collection in detail.

Vicki Barkoff Montreal <>

Geoff Kaiser Melbourne <> Wrote:
I have recently been in contact with YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in
New York regarding their collection of records for Ostrowo (now Ostrow
Wielkopolski in Poland) for the period 1824 to 1913. Below is the list I have
compiled of the likely folders to have useful genealogical info. The archivist
at YIVO has looked at these folders and informs me that the records are too
fragile to try and copy, however, they can be viewed by visitors.
So, is there anyone in the New York area with an interrest in Ostrowo that
may wish to investigate this information further? Has anyone previously
looked at these records? Contact me privately if you wish to discuss further.
Folder 9 - List of eligible voters 1862 - 1866 Folder 14 - List
of community members with professions and citizenship status 1833 - 1837
Folder 38 - List of births 1847 to 1850 and 1859 to 1874
Folder 89 - List of children over 14 learning an apprenticeship 1834 - 1847
Folder 91 - list of all school age children 1834 - 1859
Folder 123 - Records of weddings 1836 - 1844

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