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Jeannette Tsoulos

I have not yet introduced myself - this is the first time I have written to
the digest.

My gt-gt-grandfather was Samuel LANDAUER, born 1832 to Moses Josua
LANDAUER and Dorette nee ELLON. Samuel was born in Kassel, Hesse,
Dorette in Hannoversch Muenden, and Moses in Witzenhausen, Hesse.

Samuel left for Australia in 1851 and we are still searching for
descendants of some of his half-sisters and brothers.

I received some generous help >from the Town Archives in Marburg,
and feel very lucky that a gentleman named Helmut Thiele compiled
a book in 1986 titled (translating >from the German) "The Jewish
Community of Kassell in the 19th Century," which has a wealth of
information on each resident.

In reply to Renee's question, in a list of the children born in Kassel, after
the child's given (often Yiddish) name is a name designated "gen." - so, I
suppose, the name used in daily life among Germans - for instance, Samuel's
"gen" name was Siegfried; his half-sister (his widowed father had
remarried) named Peschen went by the name of Betti, and another
child on the list named Mendel had the "gen (general?)" name Emil.

It is interesting to see, although the men's names in some of the other she
ets of information >from Kassel are uniformly Jewish, some of the women's names
are less traditional - Ernestine, Henriette, Friederike!

Some years ago I spoke to Egmar Ruppert in the hope of finding information
on the Ellon family of Muenden, but without success. I have never seen this
surname anywhere else, and would love to find it in somebody's family tree.
I do enjoy belonging to GERSIG and thank you for the work you do.

Jeannette Tsoulos Sydney, Australia <jjtsoulos@...>

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