German SIG #Germany INTRO- Seek WULFF & GARFUNKEL Cologne 1939> Kindertransport > NYC 1947 #germany

muriel gillick <mgillick@...>

I am completing a memoir about my parents' experiences as refugees
between 1939, when they left Cologne on a Kindertransport for
Brussels, and 1947, when they arrived in New York. I am interested in
any information readers may have about growing up in Stettin (where my
mother, Ilse WULFF, was born in 1925), Osterode (where my father, Hans
GARFUNKEL, lived between 1924 and 1935) or in Berlin (where my father
attended the Luise Zickels Privat Hochschule) >from 1935-1939.

Muriel R. Gillick, MD Cambridge, Mass.

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