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To add some information on this discussion.
Why think that the surname VAN ES originated >from Germany?
There was a place called Essen near Groningen, not far >from Meppel.
In 1420 Lubbert ESSCHINK sold something to a monastery in Essen.
In the church books (which are online) we find that a Trijntien ESSCHE was
born in 1656. In Meppel, Wijbrig VAN ES and Evert HARTGERS were engaged in 1695.
[acording to some record that I found]. They both where born in Amsterdam
Es is also a tree (Fraxinus excelsior)

In Drenthe ( the Province where Meppel lies) we find a lot of VAN ES, VAN
The word ES in an old word for an open field on sandy grounds (>from which
you find a lot in Drenthe) Only in Drenthe it is called: ES ( the same field
would be named eng or enk in neighbouring Provinces) And in Dutch it would
be: veld or akker
Is could very well be that VAN ES was added to make clear where you lived.
In my family tree I have a family with the surname KROMHOUT, I guess there
were many KROMHOUT because around 1700 they added VAN DER MEER ( meaning
from the Lake) as they lived near a Lake.
I think you can keep guessing about the reason they took this surname.

Bert de Jong The Netherlands <>

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