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Rodney Eisfelder <eisfelder@...>

John Paul Lowens enquired on GerSIG on 25 December concerning his
great aunt Hanchen CAHN nee LOEWENSTEIN who died at Mansfield in 1868.

The Victorian Public Records Office:

has a number of on-line databases, including the "Index to Unassisted
Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923" which is at:

This shows that Hannchen LOWENSTEIN, aged 19, arrived in February
1865 on the "Royal Standard". Searching for the family name
"Lo*stein" covers most alternative spellings.

The Victorian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages at:

allows searching of historical indexes, however there is a fee to
view results and to order documents, which can be downloaded
immediately as a PDF file.

Marriage 3260 of 1867 is the marriage of Benjamin Cahn and Hannchen Loewenstein
Lowenstein (o umlaut).

For those who have been wondering, Mansfield is a small country town
in the state of Victoria, over 100 miles north-east of Melbourne.


The LDS sells a set of 4 CDs which cover 19th century records >from 4
of the former Australian colonies (now states), including Victoria.
Unfortunately, this set is not available in Australia.

from, click on order/download products, software &
databases, Vital Record Indexes, Australian Vital Records Index.

Rodney Eisfelder, Melbourne, Australia <>

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