German SIG #Germany Re: Off-topic messages about German / Judaeo German / Yiddish and other ancestral idioms #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Replies to this message will ** not ** be distributed to the GerSIG
Genealogy Forum. Please reply to

Dear Fellow GerSIG Subscribers,

There has been a great deal of mail sent to our Forum in response to a
question about an expression used by a German born ancestor [Meaning
of slang German word] "Fizzamadenda"]

The list received more than 10 messages, most of them rejected as
off-topic. Janet K, who asked the original question wrote me saying
that she had received some 20 more via private email.

This forum has a focus: German Jewish History and Genealogy Research

While it was quite interesting, the "Fizzamadenda" discussion was off-
topic to our list.

Janet has asked if there is another E-mail Forum for which this kind of
subject would be better suited.

I would appreciate knowing about any such forum.
Reply privately to I will investigate websites and
discussion groups cited in your replies and I will post appropriate
information to the GerSIG Forum.

For the moment, I will act as traffic manager for email on this
subject using a private Email account.

If you would like to receive mail on this topic send a message to:

The subject of your message should be: "Ancestral Expressions Group"

Your email address will be put into a list that will receive copies of
mail sent to that same address: This informal
discussion group will not be strictly moderated.
However, I will not forward messages that are in bad taste, include
disparaging remarks about other writers or are,in my opinion, inappropriate.

The ad hoc "Ancestral Expressions Special Interest Forum" has no connection
with GerSIG or JewishGen. I reserve the right to terminate the
conversation at any time and I will block the senders of extremely
inappropriate mail. I suggest that those interested in conducting
on-going discussions of this and related matters assemble a "group" in
your email address book and continue the discussion privately.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping the German Jewish Genealogy
Special Interest Group on topic.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC

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