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I'm searching for the dates and towns of the following persons:

Joe or Joseph REGENSTEINER , Chicago - IL



Jette or Henriette GIDEON - REGENSTEINER

Anna HYMAN ( mother of Julius REGENSTEINER )

If the father of Joe REGENSTEINER has been Isaak Jacob REGENSTEINER of
Pflaumloch-Germany born 27.3.1826 and died 21.02.1903 and his wife Sophie
NOERDLINGER born 24.10.1835 and died 29.2.1916 I should know if he died in
the USA . In my files the place of death is Pflaumloch.

Any help would be appreciated very much Kind regards

Hansmartin Unger, St. Gallen, Switzerland <hansmartin.unger@...>

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