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Ury Link

Rishy Savin asked
I am researching the KASCHMANN family of Wilmars in the 1700s and then
Gross Ropperhausen in the 1800s and 1900s. I [wonder] where the KASCHMANN name
originates. I assume it might have been Katzman but I have no evidence of that.]

My answer is:

Mr Lars Menk in his book A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames, by Avotaynu
Inc. Bergenfield N.J 2005, (page 414) Possible >from "Chashman" in Hebrew, a
noble or brilliant one, magnate (In Judo-German also Cardinal) Also >from "Kashe"
(or Kashye in Judo-German) what means a difficult question and the ending of Mann.

Menk also gives the possibility that the name derives >from Kosman and he gives the
explanation that Kosman came >from Cosmus in Greek. Or >from Gottesmann what means
a man of God. Menk notes that the name was found in Gross Ropperhausen.

I know that Mr Lars Menk is one of the best experts on German family names
but I want to give one more explanation:
Kossman (or Kosman,Cosman) is also a nickname to the Biblical name Moshe.
The explanation to this nickname is that Moshe is called in the Bible
"Moshe Yish Ha-Elohim" Moshe the man of God or in German Gottesmann.
(Deuteronomy cap 33 vers 1) then we can theorize that the origin of the
family name Kaschmann is Kosman >from Moshe. Best regards,

Ury Link, Amsterdam Holland <>

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